onsdag 4 januari 2012

Winter bag

By popular demand, I've translated yet another of my patterns into English. This is now my 3rd translation, and in case there will be even more I've added the label "English Patterns" under "Handarbete" (= Crafts) in the left column, where you can find them all.

This time it's the pattern for my Vinterväska - Winterbag that gained the popular vote on Ravelry. I've gotten so many great comments and compliments already, so many have added this pattern to their favourites - so how could I deny the request to translate it into English? Here it is - enjoy! Let me know if there's any problems; with the translation or the pattern itself!

PS! I would be excited to see any projects you make using my patterns! :) Please add a comment here or on ravelry (You'll find me as 'Lindalill') - and you'll make my day!

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